This year at Dayton Consolidated School, all students grades PreK-5 are being assigned a device.

Below is a list of expectations we have discussed with each student in the event that they must learn remotely:

  • Students will bring their chromebook/tablet home each evening.

  • Students will bring their chromebook/tablet to school each day (fully charged). The charger should stay at home. 

  • Students will use their device for school issued purposes only. Any games and/or websites not assigned by their teacher, must be played on their home device.

  • Students will transport their devices in the boxes/bags given to them (this will help to keep them clean). 

  • Students will not eat or drink next to their device.

  • Students will use their devices on a flat surface, off of the ground. 

  • Students will not bring their devices to playdates or overnights unless for school related purposes. 

  • Students will be good digital citizens, being kind to others online and using online resources appropriately. 

Are you having technology issues?  If so, please reach out to one of the following for support: